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I'm George Krasilnikov — a designer who works with startups looking to push creative boundaries and create unique user experiences.

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Website Design

Draw various designs in Figma including UI/UX interfaces, logos and other vector objects for export

SEO Marketing

Setting up basic SEO optimization, including proper header order, writing alt-texts, and meta-descriptions

WF Development

Design in Webflow using styles and grid, building links with Zapier, Memberstack, Airtable, Mailchimp etc.

My process that
help my clients to
2x their revnue

I discover this process working more than 3+ in the design industry that why you can trust blindly

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Discover your problem

We will learn all the details of the project and the features of the business, study the competitor


Competative market research

We will gather recommendations, form an idea and develop the structure of the future site.


User centric design

We will create a prototype of the site (UX), develop two concepts for the visual design (UI) for two blocks (the main screen and the next block), proceed to full development based on the selected concept.


Final hand-off

Design approved. We start creating the site on Webflow. We will develop animation, connect the forms and services, perform basic SEO setup. Check the site for errors and run.


I started with leading groups in social networks, creating covers for posts, hosting streams and shooting videos it all slowly evolved into what I went into all sorts of design, made friends with Photoshop and then discovered Figma, but drawing only designs I quickly got bored

And having found Webflow - a tool that allows me to realize my personal goals and ambitions, I finally understood how the world of design works and by what logic everything plays here, there was my most long-awaited answer, which I had been asking myself literally since childhood

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Clients testimonials

Here is some love words from my clients around the world. Hope you will be here next.

George are super-professionals in Webflow development

George is a super professional in Webflow development and knows a lot about UX/UI design. I am really impressed with his modular development skills and quality. I recommend working with him 100%.

Ron Alvoardo
FICKS Co-Founder

George has excellent communication skills

George has excellent communication skills an excellent understanding of webflow development & design when it comes to launching complex projects. I recommend him as a Webflow Developer and Design Developer

Douglas Fulop
Modularity Co-Founder

George and his team were able to understand and implement

George and his team were able to understand and implement our concept in a precise and efficient way. Throughout the project, we felt that the understanding and feedback worked perfectly, and the deadlines were met perfectly.

Yanna Berman Erez
Thoughtleaders Dev.

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I'm George Krasilnikov— a designer who works with startups looking to push creative boundaries

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